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Justas Beniušis finished 12th in Belgium

Klaipėda Cycling Team representative Justas Beniušis ranked 12th among 73 participants in the 118 km road race in Gistel, Belgium on Thursday. 19-years-old from Klaipėda was 4th in the U23 classification.

French rider Valentin Gouel won the race. J. Beniušis came 53 seconds behind. Another Klaipėda Cycling Team member Rojus Adomaitis (+1.23) finished 21st.

In the 112 km race (Sinaai – Waas, 47 participants) R. Adomaitis finished 15th whilst J. Beniušis – 17th. They were classified 4th and 5th in the U23 classification respectively. Belgian Steven Caethoven won the race as riders form Klaipėda lost 30 sec to the winner.

At the 114,4 km race in Keerbergen, R. Adomaitis ranked 22nd and J. Beniušis – 27th among 102 participants. Dutch Mathijs Paasschens won the race. Cyclists from Klaipėda came 48 sec later.