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Six National Track Cycling Championship medals go to Klaipėda cyclists

On the first day of competitions at Cido Arena in Panevėžys, which hosted Lithuanian Track Cycling Championship for Men, Junior and Juveniles.  Klaipėda Cycling Team riders were awarded with six medals – two gold, three silver and one bronze.

The trainees of Artūras Šiugždinis took the top two podium places in 4 km men’s team pursuit race. Justas Beniušis, Rojus Adomaitis, Romas Zubrickas and Denas Masiulis were awarded as National champions. They completed the distance in 4 min. 30.8 sec. Arvydas Birenis, Kazimieras Ramonas, Svajūnas Strakšys and Zigmas Derkintis won the silver medals. They lost 8.6 sec. to the winners.

At the junior team sprint event nobody could surpass R. Zubrickas, D. Masiulis and Z. Derkintis – the gold medalists with distance time of 51.881 sec.

Denas Masiulis was awarded with silver medal after junior scratch competition (10 km; 40 laps; 14 riders).

Z. Derkintis came fourth, whilst 5th and 6th places were equally divided between R. Zubrickas and Mantas Januškevičius (Gaja).

Klaipėda Cycling Team also succeeded at 2 km junior individual pursuit race, as among 12 participants R. Zubrickas got the silver medal and D. Masiulis – bronze. The winner Aivaras Naujokaitis (El-Eko Sport) was awarded with gold medal, showing the best time of 2 min. 22,28 sec. Romas has lost only 1.4 sec. to the leader whilst Denas – 3 sec.

Z. Derkintis (+9.4 sec.) took the 9th place.