ROJUS ADOMAITIS finished second at Gargždai City Cup Race

On Saturady, June 3rd, during GARGZDAI CITY CUP RACE (85 km – 5 x 17 km) Klaipėda Cycling Team captain Rojus Adomaitis finished second! 18-year-old cyclist was second strongest after Darijus Džervus of Vėtrungė Memel team. Venantas Lašinis of Staki – Technorama finished third.

Three more Klaipėda Cycling Team riders ranked in the top 10 positions: Romas Zubrickas 5th, Justas Beniušis 6th, and Denas Masiulis 8th.

This year Lithuanian Road Cycling Championship will be held in Gargždai on June 23-25.